Flexible Industrial Insulation For High Temperature Applications 

Pyrogel XT Has Many Benefits on Hot Process Equipment


Pyrogel® XT is a high-temperature insulation blanket formed of silica aerogel and reinforced with a non-woven, glass-fiber batting. Silica aerogels possess the lowest thermal conductivity of any known solid.

Pyrogel XT achieves this industry-leading thermal performance in a flexible, environmentally safe, and easy-to-use product. Ideal for insulating piping, vessels, tanks, and equipment, Pyrogel XT is an essential material for those seeking the ultimate in thermal efficiency.

• Industry’s best k-values saves energy with 2-5x less material

   – Greater space efficiency

• Installation productivity

   – Shop- or field-fabrication

   – Very fast in 1 &2 ply designs

   – Single-man installs

   – Good in difficult-access areas

• Greater in-service durability

   – Durably hydrophobic

   – Will not crack, crumble, or sag

• Reduces jacketing, banding, and vapor barrier costs

• Packed volume reduced 5-10x

   – Less scrap, trucking, storage

• Single part number simplifies logistics, planning

• Excellent fire protection

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