Flexible Industrial Insulation With Vapor Barrier For Sub-Ambient And Cryogenic Applications

Cryogel™ Advantages In Cryogenics and Chilled Service


Cryogel™ Z is flexible aerogel blanket insulation with an integral vapor barrier. It is engineered to deliver maximum thermal protection with minimal weight and thickness and zero water vapor permeability.

Cryogel Z’s unique properties – extremely low thermal conductivity, superior flexibility, compression resistance, hydrophobicity, and ease of use – make it essential for those seeking the ultimate in thermal protection for cryogenic applications. Using patented nanotechnology, Cryogel Z insulation combines a silica aerogel with reinforcing fibers to deliver industry-leading thermal performance in an easy-to-handle and environmentally safe product.

• At the same touch temperature, Cryogel has much less surface area:

   – Up to 50% less heat gain and BOG

   – Requires 35% less jacketing, banding, and vapor barrier materials

• Packed volume reduced > 6x

   – Lower trucking and storage costs

• Contraction joints can be eliminated

• Cryogel’s low-temperature flexibility provides excellent in-service durability

   – No cracking or thermal shock

   – Resists impact from footfall, tool stikes

   – Stiffer support of jacketing means fewer dents and buckles

• Cryogel is 20% lighter than PIR and 70% lighter than cellular glass

• More space efficiency in pipe racks

All three designs meet the same condensation control criteria

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